8 Cheap and Trendy Wedding Favors for 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s getting to be that time of year again, wedding season (not quite, but its never too soon to start planning). As winter begins to fade and flowers start to blossom, happy couples (mostly brides-to-be) start to grow nervous as their wedding date nears closer and closer. So much to do so little time. Reservations must be made, seating charts have to be created, and you haven’t even started on vows. We’ve discussed plenty of wedding favor ideas in the past, including sunglasses and koozies, but these 8 cheap, YET trendy wedding favors are our favorite for 2013

best wedding favors infographic

These are the items that people always seem to come back for. Their affordable price, yet trendy look are always a crowd favorite. People tend to “favor” these because each item has a wide variety of colors to match any theme and all have a large enough imprint area for a cute logo. On top of that, guests have a nice little keepsake to take home with them to remember all those wonderful memories.

You can find each of the products and imprints seen above at Blue Soda Promo.

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