8 Brands Who Understand the Value of Humor on Social Media

There are quite a few key factors that go into what makes a brand “followable” in the social media world. Think about it from your own perspective — why do you choose to ‘like’ or follow certain brands on social networks like Facebook and Twitter?

It could be because they share valuable content that appeals to your interests and needs; maybe it’s because they give you access to exclusive giveaways, promotions or even coupons. Or let’s be honest, they could just be ridiculously funny.

The honest truth is that the best brands to follow in social media will  have a combination of all those characteristics. But I’d take a stab in the dark to say that many of you are following a brand simply for its entertainment value *guilty as charged*.

Humor is just as viral as those cute animal memes, if done correctly (beware of those risky jokes). When your brand gives your audience a straight tickle to their funny bone or can make their cheeks hurt from laughing, there is a much higher chance of that update being posted to their own network; expanding a brand’s social media reach.

While you may be thinking a funny post being shared doesn’t have any value, it is actually showing off the fact that your brand isn’t a emotionless robot, but instead, a lovable personality.

In a world run by robots and computers, a personality speaks much stronger to your audience. By using humor as an engagement tactic a company can increase share-ability while also staying true to their brand.

Social media users are 49% more likely to share a funny post than an “important” post. Using humor in your brand’s marketing through social media gives your audience something to relate to, providing trust and increasing brand recognition.

Before you get your “101 best jokes” book out and call yourself  a comedian, take a look at brands who have already mastered the art of comedy though social. It is important to understand that the posts put out by these brands aren’t just trying to get a cheap laugh, but rather connect to their audience on a personal level.

To help you out we put together a list of our favorite brands who will be your tour guide into the comedic world.

1. Taco Bell

Taco Bell is known for their use of humor throughout their marketing and advertising; safe to say social media is not any different. With the use of clever photos,  witty one-liners and responses to light hearted criticism, Taco Bell’s Facebook and Twitter is sure to make you crack a chuckle.


tacobell 2



 2. Old Spice

After those hot tweets between Taco Bell & Old Spice, it feels wrong not to place them second on this list. Old Spice is known for not only picking fights with other brands, but it has its own hilarious (sometimes ridiculous) posts featured on both their Facebook and Twitter.




3. Charmin

Who would of ever thought that a toilet paper company who be ‘seated’ at number three on our list. Charmin’s Twitter presence is definitely a must follow. Just check out the following series of tweets below. Charmin is a great example of a brand whose humor aligns with the products it sells. And don’t you just love that #tweetfromtheseat hashtag?


 4. Arena Flowers

UK-based floral shop Arena Flowers hasn’t amassed nearly 18,000 followers from tweeting about 2-for-1 bouquet specials. The brand, led by visionary CEO and founder Will Wynne, has cultivated a loyal and engaged following due to its genuinely humorous and relatable Twitter content.

5. Skittles

Being a fanatic of Skittles myself, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the brand through their social media presence and personality. Skittles’ social sense of humor is apparently all about being silly and ridiculous. But it definitely brings a smile to your face, doesn’t it? Check out the examples below from Skittles’ Facebook page and Twitter feed.



6. Oreo

Oreo is known for their quirky and quick comebacks through social media networks. They use the power of Oreo’s to relate to top trending stories and feature funny visuals to go along with it. Their Twitter features some of their latest Vine video’s while their Facebook posts creative graphics and fun recipes you can try next time you eat Oreo’s.



 7. Tesco Mobile

When customers are left unsatisfied with their less than stellar service they often take to social media to let out some angry or crude comments about that business. Well Tesco Mobile does not seem to let any of their customers or ex-customers get away with anything. Known for their catty responses on social media, Tesco Mobile has taken to trolling its trolls in hilarious LOL-speak, snark and thinly veiled insults.

8.  KRAFT Mac & Cheese

Who knew elbow macaroni could be so funny? KRAFT Mac & Cheese’s social media presence features images of macaroni engaging in hobbies such as painting and tennis as well as mac & cheese humor and a variety of recipes for your family to try. KRAFT also had a campaign to celebrate its 75th anniversary, they let two women in their 80s take over the brand’s social accounts. Using the hashtag #OldBirdsNewTweets, followers joined the conversation as they learned about memes, Internet slang and technology.







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