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How Moz Uses Swag to Keep Their Community Happy

Promotional products are typically thought of as a cheap and effective way to attract customers. Which is true…to an extent, but that’s not its only propose. To be honest, if that’s the only way you are using promo, you’re doing it wrong.

It takes more time and effort (not to mention money) to bring in new leads than it does to keep your existing clients. So promotional marketing can have even a greater value when it comes to customer retention and growing a company organically.

However, we don’t typically see posts like this because it doesn’t have the same ‘wow’ factor that something like “How Promotional Products Helped an App Reach 20,000 Downloads in 6 Weeks” would. Yet when you see the things companies like Moz are doing, it only makes sense why they have become one of the top 10 recognized technology brands.

How Moz Hits it on the Head with Promo

Moz is a Seattle startup that has grown into one of the leading SEO software and marketing analytics tools. It is also one of the top resource centers when it comes to inbound marketing. Staying true to their core TAGFEE (Transparent, Authentic, Generous, Fun, Empathetic, and Exceptional) values, Moz’s goal is to deliver an exceptional experience to their community and subscribers. Moz’s TAGFEE code garners to keeping their current subscribers happy with a goal to make every one of them a customer for life.

Whether its through ‘great content’ on their blog, their products, or customer service Moz is now a brand that people trust when it comes to inbound marketing, but its the community that really keeps ’em rolling.

Happy Customers Equal Brand Ambassadors

Being part of the Internet marketing side of Blue Soda Promo, I tend to turn to social media (in particular Twitter) to stay up to date with what’s going on in the inbound marketing world.

I follow those I trust to tweet out interesting, relevant information and that includes Moz. Their twitter account is run by Roger the Robot, the official mascot of Moz who has a fun personality, loves compliments and is quick to sympathize with customers who are having problems with their service.

Roger is also a very giving individual. I began noticing throughout time that people I was following tweeting out pictures of promotional products they had received from Moz. Roger may be known for his ‘free hugs’, yet some of the surprise swag he gives away is what keeps customers happy and the best brand ambassadors money can buy.

These promotional items range from inexpensive, like the postcards, stickers, keychains, acrylic tumblers and thermoses, to more high end items like USB drives, t-shirts, scarfs and custom action figures. Each item stays true to their brand — I’m particularly impressed with their soccer inspired scarf, which is huge in Seattle — and are items that are useful to their users as well (take notes, people!).

Moz swag in action

Moz has a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to their Swag!

These types of surprises let customers know that they are a valued part of their community and not just a number on a spreadsheet. Additionally they may used as a ‘thank you’ for those who spend time contributing. This may be for writing on the blog, doing a webinar or speaking at their convention, MozCon.

Jennifer Lopez, the Director of Community at Moz, notes that its not just their Community team that sends out swag as thank you’s, congratulations, or for being an active part of the community, but everyone in the company is encouraged to send their promo items to folks they deem worthy. They call them ‘happy packages’ and its their way of giving back.

Moz cherishes their community more than just links on a page, but rather a group of talented individuals that should be rewarded for their time and effort on the site and helping them to build a successful brand.

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