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The Best Fonts for School & University Projects

Whether you’re looking for a childish font for your elementary school, a hand written font (that is still legible) or that professional look for a big university, there is an appropriate free font for any occasion.  Now you can find the perfect font to promote your fraternity/sorority on a pair of sunglasses, or a large legible font for your college to put on a drawstring bag with these free fonts for your school imprints.

The best fonts for schools and universities, display several creative fonts that can add that extra personalized touch to your next project. These free fonts are perfect for anything from t-shirts and sunglasses to megaphones and backpacks. Nothing shows team spirit like a specially designed t-shirt or megaphone. For your school’s next big game the team spirit, varsity or ESPN fonts are a great way to make your t-shirts and megaphones pop in the stands.

Flaunt your spirit around campus with custom printed sunglasses imprinted with your graduating year, using the colleged or freshman fonts.  These free fonts are great because they encourage the message you are displaying to stand out against the product. Using a different style font also adds style and personality to your message. A boring font usually means boring context, keep your message and font upbeat and fun!

So before you go imprint on your next project check out these free fonts!

free fonts for schools and universities

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  1. Jack K. says

    Very cool! I’ve been using King Imprint for my drawstring bags (here.) Does Blue Soda have much cheaper prices? Hope to hear back, thanks!

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