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Promotional Custom Printed Flashlights Personalized with your Company's Logo

Can you ever have enough flashlights? We don’t think so. How about in the purse, in the glove box, and in the tool box? Still counting? Under the sink, in the garage, and the first aid kit. Custom flashlights make great promotional gifts in one of the many sizes we offer. Clips, carabiners, and lanyards will keep your company name, logo, or awareness message attached to your customer on one of our handy, high-quality printed flashlights. Take a look at our Razor Thin Flashlight or our Pocket Aluminum LED Flashlight. Have a question? Can't find the right promotional product or custom printed item? Give us a call at (888) 206-3047, we'd love to help!

If you want to join the funk revolution that emerged from the burned embers of the disco flameout then you must order a vat of promotional flashlights. Sure, personalized flashlights make smart promotional gifts offering your business an opportunity to spread your branding message around several targeted marketing groups. Custom printed flashlights are ideal for the youth market – who hasn’t needed a flashlight during a camp out sleepover. Personalized flashlights practically make night sport activities from bike riding to baseball game possible. But the real purpose of having promotional flashlights is for that inevitable party moment when everyone is grooving on the dance floor and the lights go down, the disco ball swirls and that funky bass line appears and one hears George Clinton’s smooth voice singing, “Flashlight.” The funk band Parliament single-handedly killed disco when it released its album in Funkentelechy Vs. The Placebo Syndrome (yeah those funk guys were a little odd) in 1977. Though Parliament released several singles their best-known hit was arguably “Flashlight,” which forced legions of people to whip out key chain flashlights in unison.

Provide your clients, customers or employees with custom printed flashlights allowing them to get down and funky even when the lights go out. Promotional flashlights are essential for traipsing through dark alleys or just as must have giveaway at your next corporate event, tradeshow, work conference or any place you need a corporate gift. People always love promotional items that are fun and functional and the personalized flashlights you can order in bulk and get a cheap wholesale price fits this bill. In any marketing push it is best to have some type of fun and highly useful item and the custom personalized flashlights are superb branding merchandise, advertising your business through imprinted logos. Custom printed flashlights are awesome for a corporate gift. What are you waiting for? Custom printed flashlights are a no-brainer as a way to show your appreciation; you should definitely order them today. Besides you can make sure people do not step on each other’s toes when it’s pitch black and the dance floor erupts with the funky sounds of Parliament.