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Gift Baskets & Gourmet Food

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Promotional Gift Baskets, Customized Gift Baskets and Printed Gourmet Food Baskets

Gift baskets pack a lot of enjoyment along with your company’s marketing message. Our promotional corporate gift baskets come in a wide variety of assortments in boxes or baskets that can also be reused in the kitchen at work. Printed gift baskets make people happy. People can't wait to unwrap them and see what's inside! Custom gift baskets can be filled with items that each individual customer will love like BBQ tools, tea, nuts, or popular wine companion gifts. We also have cookies, chocolates (take a look at our Chocolate Sampler Tower!) and candies for your client that has a sweet tooth. If you’re looking for something sweet and savory, try the Crunchy Delights gift basket. It's a fool-proof combo that anyone will enjoy!

Printed gift baskets remind your customers that you care enough to send something they are sure to like. Show your appreciation this holiday and wow them with some of these sweet promotional gifts. Have a question? Can't find the right promotional product or custom printed item? Give team Blue Soda Promo a call at (888) 206-3047, we’d love to help!

Nothing says loving like a gift basket. Forgot your girlfriend’s birthday? Apologize with promotional gift baskets. Forgot your boyfriend’s graduation day? Say you’re sorry with personalized gift baskets. Missed your client’s meeting? Make it up with promotional gift baskets. Ran over your neighbor’s cat? Personalized gift baskets are like harnessing the power of the sun, extracting the sweetness of morning dew and siphoning the joy buried in children’s laughter and wrapping it all up in a wicker oblong object filled with love. OK, well, that’s a little bit over the top, à la Spanish telenovella but you get the idea. Sure, as promotional products go, custom printed gift baskets may be a little on the upper crust side but they work.

When you close that million-dollar deal are you going to send your new partners-in-arms a pen? Yeah, we know how well the whole pen as a gift thing went over for the love-struck Lloyd Dobler in the iconic romantic comedy “Say Anything.” Answer: it didn’t. No, when it comes to closing that long-term deal, it’s time to bring out the promotional big guns and few promotional items are bigger than custom printed gift baskets. Stunning as a corporate gift, giveaway, or promotional gifts for clients, customers or employees or as promotional products for your next tradeshow, corporate or work conference, custom printed gift baskets are essential advertising vehicles for your business or company. As far as promotional items go, this merchandise is the best as it can be ordered in bulk giving you a cheap wholesale price. In addition to saying, “I’ve got class,” personalized gift baskets are unique branding vehicles that spruce up your marketing campaign. Imprint your logo or get your corporate slogan or the proverbial, “Sorry, I ran over your cat,” printed on the promotional gift baskets. The appeal of promotional baskets is easy to grasp – chocolates, nuts, mints, oh my – all wrapped in containers advertising your business. Anyone can slap their name on a shirt, cap or bottle opener. Why not do them all one better – put your business in a sweet spot, order your custom printed gift baskets today.