Mailchimp hat on a customer's dog!

How Promotional Merch Upgrades Customer Loyalty

Sports enthusiast “Sally” has just received her first order from Hammer Nutrition Inc. It’s a box filled with nutritional supplements and sports endurance from the small, but long-standing endurance sports supplements company, based in Whitefish, Montana. Like many small companies, including yours maybe, Hammer engages customers like Sally to be brand ambassadors. Sally is one […]

Kiss Hello Kitty Toilet Paper

You Won’t Believe Where These Brands Ended Up

Most companies depend on branded products to get their marketing messaging out: Pens, t-shirts, umbrellas, and caskets… Wait–what?

Zappos HQ in Downtown Las Vegas

Build Internal Brand Loyalty and Boost Sales with Employee SWAG

Zappos treasures employees and sees them as central to their business model, which is why they’re walking billboards for the company in deed and in gear.

The swim start of Ironman

How Ironman Creates Value with Promotional Products

When was the last time someone tattooed your logo onto her calf? Or have you ever seen your logo printed on home decor? Or blazoned on a luxury purse brand? The World Triathlon Corporation, a company with less than 30 full-time employees, has made the Ironman brand a household name. Follow their lead and you can too.


Now This is How You Create Buzz at a Tradeshow – Unbounce Does it Right

As an exhibitor and sponsor of MozCon, Unbounce created a three day unique experience, complete with an awesome tradeshow booth, epic after party and a fun contest to generate a real buzz while they were there.

sticker contest

How 1 Small Business + 1 Little Promo = 4 Figure Success

The idea was simple, create some kick-ass stickers with a custom logo design on them and hand them out to people at the conference. But that wasn’t enough for a creative dude like Joel, he raised the stakes and turned his giveaway into a social media contest.


The Time To Invest In Tech Promotional Products Is Now

The mobile industry has now surpassed the PC market and the mobile phone accessories market is now valued at $20 billion. With such a growing demand for mobile technology, brands that invest in promotional accessories for phones and tablets will stay connected to their audience for generations.


How Netflix Chose to Promote Orange is the New Black with Promotional Products

Netflix’s convenient pricing and easy to use website allows subscribers to watch almost every movie/television show on demand in a moment’s notice. With all their original programming released at once, how does Netflix get people excited about new shows?

7-Eleven promotional product

Two Excellent Promotional Campaign Examples That Will Help Boost Your Social Media

A tangible promotional product that people find useful or entertaining help businesses gain repeat impressions and brand recognition. True. However, there is a belief from some that these type of products cannot help your online presence. FALSE!

contests and giveaways

Your Go-To Guide for all Your Contest & Giveaway Questions

While I will be honest and tell you that contests and giveaways are not the end all be all of your marketing challenges, it is a genius kick butt way to build your fan base, engage your audience, get a rich source of data and wait for it… Get your consumers to do your marketing for you!