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Startup Showcase: An Easy Product Promotion Strategy

No one likes a show off. You know, the know-it-all, braggadocios, blowhard who boasts about his startup’s meteoric rise and the latest feature article in Mashable. You don’t have to be THAT guy. But you do have to talk up your product. One of the best ways and easiest strategies for marketing your product is […]

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Why Do Those Darn Promotional Products Work So Well?

Folks treat promotional products like that drunken Uncle at holiday dinners no one wants to invite, but everyone enjoys. They’re pigeon-hold as a necessary evil—some gaudy SWAG that businesses HAVE TO GIVEAWAY, but no one really wants to be bothered with. Case in point: the forgotten pen, the holey T-shirt, the awkward-fitting baseball cap.


How a Great Product and Functional Swag Transformed The Starter League

Neal Sales-Griffin and his partner, Mike McGee, are Northwestern grads who built their startup, The Starter League, with the philosophy of solving a problem with a great product. With that goal in mind and some functional promotional products, the Starter League has exploded into one of the leading coding schools online


Commitment and Consistency: One-Two Punch of Marketing

We’ve come to the end of our influence chapter in the Year of the Startup series by focusing on the final one-two knockout punch: commitment and consistency of marketing


Commanding Authority to Boost Marketing Efforts

With trust and influence being such a big factor in our purchasing decisions online, its important to become an authority to establish your startup as an established resource within your niche.


The Like Button: The Holy Grail of Internet Marketing

Its only been a few years since Facebook created the “like” button. Now its one of the most powerful marketing chips for new startups. The simple button’s influence can cause a chain reaction through social media and unexpected success quickly.


The Art of Influence: How to Build a Buzz Around Your Product

It isnt always the best idea or product that gets the most traction nowadays. With so many ways to get information, if you aren’t properly marketing your product, customers aren’t going to see it, let only buy it. This is why influence is so important. Find those online that have a big following and becoming one yourself, is yet another why your startup can get a head start above the rest.


Talking Startups with Jason Sadler – T-Shirts, Social Media and Promotion

Jason Sadler aka Jason is the founder of His startup is a creative take on promotional t-shirts. Usually given away for free, he gets companies to pay him to promote their business by wearing their custom t-shirts and mentioning them through social media. Jason has been featured in hundreds of news outlets, but the road to success wasn’t as easy as just slipping on a shirt.


How to Make a Small Thing Big: Growth in a Start-up

No startup goes from one dollar to a million without hitting a few bumps in the road along the way. Most don’t even get over that first hurdle. Failure is the the last word someone wants to hear and the hardest thing to overcome. However, taking failures as a positive instead of a negative are what makes a good idea into an established business


Startup Q&A – Revelations from Communication Queen Gini Dietrich [INTERVIEW]

Our Year of the Startup series this week spotlights Gini Dietrich, author of Spin Sucks. In the interview she speaks on the PR and communication for new startups