Everything There Is To Know About Logo Design

In our 25 page guide to logo design, you’ll learn the basics of what a logo is, rules for creating a logo and other things to consider like colors and typography. Have a laugh at some awesomely bad logos and the story behind some of the world’s most famous brands.


13 promotional items that suck (and what to get instead!)

No matter what conference you go to, there are some promotional items that are just staples. Some of those things suck. We have some alternatives.


What Starbucks Can Teach You About Business Strategy

Starbucks is a behemoth brand but it didn’t start that way. Boost your business strategy by applying some Starbucks golden nuggets of marketing wisdom.

Marketing Is a Juggling Act

Marketing Management: 5 Organizing Tools That will Save You Time

You’re juggling so many balls in the air you’re surprised a ringmaster isn’t hauling you off to the nearest circus each morning. With all that multi-tasking things end up getting lost, forgotten or just plain not done. Save yourself some time and heartache by using these five save-your-life marketing management tools.

Event Planner

Your Event Planning Checklist Needs a Makeover

Planning company events can be nerve racking. But here’s an event planning checklist template you can use to make sure your summer events run smoothly.

Mailchimp hat on a customer's dog!

How Promotional Merch Upgrades Customer Loyalty

Giving SWAG to loyal customers is nothing new. Giving UNSUSPECTING SWAG delights customers and makes it seem like you’re doing them a favor. They in turn want to help you out by being even more zealous about your brand. This is a surefire way of turning customers into evangelists.

Hello Kitty KISS Toilet Paper

You Won’t Believe Where These Brands Ended Up

Most companies depend on branded products to get their marketing messaging out: Pens, t-shirts, umbrellas, and caskets… Wait–what?

Zappos HQ in Downtown Las Vegas

Build Internal Brand Loyalty and Boost Sales with Employee SWAG

Zappos treasures employees and sees them as central to their business model, which is why they’re walking billboards for the company in deed and in gear, which is one of a gagillion unusual protocols that Zappos does that makes its business far more profitable than others. The good news is any small business can do this.

The swim start of Ironman

How Ironman Creates Value with Promotional Products

When was the last time someone tattooed your logo onto her calf? Or have you ever seen your logo printed on home decor? Or blazoned on a luxury purse brand? The World Triathlon Corporation, with less than 30 full-time employees, has made the Ironman brand a household name. Follow their lead and you can too.


Now This is How You Create Buzz at a Tradeshow – Unbounce Does it Right

As an exhibitor and sponsor of MozCon, Unbounce created a three day unique experience, complete with an awesome tradeshow booth, epic after party and a fun contest to generate a real buzz while they were there.

sticker contest

How 1 Small Business + 1 Little Promo = 4 Figure Success

The idea was simple, create some kick-ass stickers with a custom logo design on them and hand them out to people at the conference. But that wasn’t enough for a creative dude like Joel, he raised the stakes and turned his giveaway into a social media contest.