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Tote Bags

Promotional Tote Bags & Reusable Grocery Bags Custom Printed with Your Company Logo!

One of the top-selling promotional products, custom tote bags are the solution to any, and every, promotional marketing need. Here at Blue Soda Promo, we have more styles and colors than you can imagine! Watch your customers get carried away by gifting these bags. This promotional item is something your employees or clients can really put to use. The green revolution is in full swing, and reusable bags are in demand. Whether they’re being carried to and from work, to the beach or while grocery shopping, these bags provide an excellent way to promote brand awareness, and your company’s logo or message will always be proudly on display.

Among the most sought-after giveaways, tote bags are a great option for tradeshows or corporate events, employee appreciation gifts, or any type of marketing merchandise. Our grocery totes are top quality so your personalized gift will be carried with pride. Try the BG107 Non Woven Value Tote for supporting your local grocer or the Fun in the Sun Carabiner Tote for your next giveaway at an outdoor event.

You’ve been there. Maybe it was at Costco or in the illustrious Trader Joe’s or even the local Walgreens. There you were in line, anxiously eyeing the people in front of you. Suddenly you panic. Everyone in line seems to have personalized tote bags to haul their groceries home. Your eyes dart around nervously, looking for another offender, someone else who was too careless to join the green revolution by forgetting to bring their own grocery tote bag. Boys and girls have promotional tote bags; jogging dads are happily forking over the bags to their grocery checkers, all proudly joining the campaign to reduce waste by eliminating the need for those offensive plastic grocery bags. Now you’re at the front of the line, and your mishap is fully apparent to all. The grocery checker gives you a disapproving frown. He begins to ring up your grocery items, eggs, milk, a wayward lime, and then he reaches over to the microphone. Wait for it, wait for it. “Um, Joe we need some PLASTIC bags up here, this customer does not have one of those custom printed tote bags for her groceries.”

Do not let your customers suffer such an embarrassment. Save them from becoming green offenders by ordering your promotional tote bags today! Personalized Canvas bags are promotional gifts that keep on giving. Wonderful as a corporate gift, giveaway, or promotional items for your next tradeshow, corporate or work conference tote bags are essential branding vehicles for your company. As far as promotional items go, this merchandise is the best as it can be ordered in bulk giving you a cheap wholesale price. Show your customers, clients or employees your appreciation with custom promotional items that allow them to be environmentally friendly while advertising a business they truly support. These bags make great canvases to imprint your logo or to print your latest marketing message. Even better, these items are more than just promotional products as they are becoming standard for grocery shoppers around the nation. So have fun browsing through our inventory for the tote that says “you.” Have a question? Can’t find the right promotional product or custom printed item? Let team Blue Soda Promo help by calling(888) 206-3047.