Live Chat a Hit with Blue Soda Promo Customers

account-managerIn an industry that has a large online presence and PLENTY of competition, it’s important to us that we give each and every one of our customers as much of an opportunity to ‘get their voices heard’ by someone that can help.

While Blue Soda Promo thrives to make buying on the site as easy as 1-2-3, we also realize that sometimes it’s just not that easy. Whether its a question about product, pricing, customizing a logo, or just someone looking for a second opinion from an expert, when spending more than a couple bucks online, customers want to make sure its right before they checkout.

We understand that this decision will be your marketing dollars at work and we want to make sure the items customers get receive as many impressions as possible.

live chat

That’s why Blue Soda Promo has a live chat feature on the site.  As part of our “ridiculously good customer service” our account managers are always on call from 8:30-5 on Monday through Friday to answer any question a customer may have, and will walk customers through the entire process.

Customers never get transferred or need to talk to another representative to complete an order, and with an average order size on the site of around $700, customers feel more comfortable with Blue Soda Promo after using the live chat feature.

blue soda promo account managers

Blue Soda Promo currently has 8 account managers (get to know them here) that handle over 1,500 chats a month. And they are pretty damn good at what they do #humblebrag. Personable, knowledge and timely, nearly 60 percent of the team’s chats end in a sale.

So never hesitate to take advantage of our live chat, send us an email or give us a call at 888.206.3047

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