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Promotional Business Card Holders

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Protect your business cards and show off your brand at the same time with our selection of promotional business card holders and cases. Blue Soda Promo has a variety of cases from engraved metal to embossed leather which make for great corporate gifts. Our business card holders come personalized with your company logo and fit nicely in your pocket instead of carrying around a bulky wallet. Have questions? Contact us and one of our account managers will be happy to help you!

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Business cards have stood the test of time as one of the best bang-for-your-buck marketing tools out there. They are great networking tools to advertise your business as well as drop in the fishbowl at your local sandwich shop to try to win a free lunch! Ensure your business cards have the home they deserve with our promotional business card holders. Wonderful for a corporate gift or personalized giveaway to promote your company at tradeshows, conferences or meetings, promotional card cases are gifts that are sure to please.

Let me paint a little picture: you go to the local craft fair and see several items that would make excellent gifts for family and friends. You grab their business cards and store them in your wallet. Fast forward to two months later when you are cleaning out your wallet and suddenly have dozens of business cards and nowhere to store them. So they end up in the, wait for it..., trash can.

Don’t let your precious business cards contribute to this country’s waste disposal issues. Give your customers, clients, and employees a solution to this organizational dilemma by ordering our promotional business card holders for your next marketing event. Business card cases are small in size, but big on message, which is why they make the perfect template for your company logo. Promotional business card holders can elevate your marketing campaign to offer your customers an elegant and beautiful custom giveaway with your logo imprinted upon them.