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Everyone has a calculator nowadays. Whether its on your phone or computer, we have access to a calculator. However, promotional calculators continue to be a great giveaway. These desk essentials are custom printed with your company logo to help get your brand out there and they are sold at budget-friendly wholesale prices. Calculators are the perfect promotional product for anyone in sales, financial, banking or even schools. No one wants to do math in their head or on their fingers, so save them the headaches with this great item. Have questions? Contact us, we're here to help!

Ah, the good ol’ days when typing 58008 into a calculator then flipping it upside down left you and your friends giggling in the back of the classroom. Ok, ok let’s be honest. That one never gets old. I bet you even craned your neck while reading that. But being an adult sometimes requires more than typing discreetly dirty words into a calculator, like trying to figure sales or mileage or how much your paycheck is going to be after taxes.

Custom calculators are the very essence of what great promotional items should be: inexpensive and practical, but doesn’t feel like a sales pitch. Promotional calculators are more needed now than ever, especially when trying to help your kids with math (how in the world I did pass Algebra?). Imprint your company name on our promotional calculators to ensure your business’ name is literally at everyone’s fingertips. Plus you can order our personalized calculators in bulk for cheap wholesale pricing, thus ensuring you have extra for when your customers calculate their paycheck after taxes, throw the calculator against the wall and are in sudden need of a new one.