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Custom Printed Clipboards

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Clipboards keep your paperwork in order around the office. They are perfect accessories when handing out forms, taking notes or even drawing up a game-winning play. Blue Soda Promo's selection of custom printed clipboards take these items to a whole another level. Personalize each on with your company logo and advertise your business as well. Buy them in bulk as we offer these clipboards at wholesale pricing to you as well. Looking for something more upscale? Take a look at our padfolios

TIMEOUT! 5 seconds left on the clock, you’re down by one. Everyone is looking to you to draw up the game winning play. Where are they looking? A clipboard!

You never know who may be looking at promotional clipboards, but one thing is for sure. They will be staring right at your company logo, brand, or message. Whether its filling out paperwork at the doctor’s office, signing up for a credit card so you can get that free rally towel at the ballpark, or signing that petition to bring back ‘Freaks and Geeks’, you’ll know your logo is getting eyeballs on it.

Custom printed clipboards are inexpensive and useful and with your personalized logo on them, it’s the much better solution that continuing to write on the back of the person standing next to you. Promotional clipboards make for great giveaways and tradeshows and conferences and our wholesale pricing makes it easy for you to buy in bulk!