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Promotional Letter Openers, Customized Letter Openers and Printed Mail Openers

Whether you have the traditionally elegant silvery lance-shaped letter openers of yore in mind or the newer plastic variety, we have them in our inventory ready to display your company logo or marketing message. These promotional items will put your name in the hands of your customers at every mail call.

Promotional letter openers are eminently useful items that everyone needs. This Executive Letter Opener and Magnifier has a classic look and feel to it, including a magnifying lens on the end for easy reading. Give the gift of a quality. Use our custom letter openers as tradeshow giveaways, corporate gifts or simply something for your employees to have around the office. Have a question? Can't find the right promotional product or custom printed item? Let team Blue Soda Promo help by calling (888) 206-3047.

If a group of custom printed letter openers wanted to sue Jessica Fletcher for defamation we’re pretty the case would get heard. After all it is because of that writer and amateur sleuth of “Murder She Wrote,” fame, played by Angela Lansbury, that what is a benign utensil meant to help people avoid the mind-numbingly painful paper cut has become the universal weapon in fictional murders. From “Murder She Wrote,” to “Matlock,” to any movie featuring Raymond Burr, the idea of the personalized letter opener being used to slit more than envelopes has been pushed into the popular consciousness. Thanks to those murder mystery shows, the cruises, the parties, the “Who Done it?” weekend getaways, the custom printed letter opener is always suspect when someone comes up stabbed. You can restore the reputation of custom printed letter openers by ordering promotional letter openers as promotional gifts. Use personalized letter openers as giveaways to promote your business and make sure people understand this amazing tool is meant only for cutting paper and as a surface to get your logo printed upon. Promotional letter openers are great for advertising your business at tradeshows, corporate, work or company events.

This merchandise adds a little style and sophistication offering your clients, customers or employees a little something different when it comes to promotional products. Order these promotional items in bulk and get them at a cheap wholesale price. To be sure, letter openers will always have the menacing cloud around them. Still modern design has shaped the letter opener in a way that eschews the skinny knifelike design seen in the classic depictions of letter openers in murder mysteries. The personalized letter openers are now cute, dare we say downright cuddly, and can show appreciation, and even make you smile when you see your logo imprinted upon them or your latest branding message. As far as promotional items go, custom letter openers are wonderful marketing tools or as a corporate gift. Help people avoid vicious blood-gushing paper cuts and teach people the true purpose of this incredible instrument which is open envelopes. Order your custom printed letter openers today.