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Promotional Paperweights

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Looking for paper weights for your office? Blue Soda Promo offers promotional paperweights people can use as a decorative piece on their desk to help show off your brand or even as an award for employees. These items come in an array of materials from acrylic to crystal and can be custom printed of engraved with your company logo. These make for great gifts at the holidays or events. Need help finding an item? Call, email or chat with us. We're always here!

The office is approximately 35 degrees and your cubicle neighbor has their mini fan blowing, leaving you not only buried under layers of sweaters and blankets, but the papers on your desk blowing around all willy nilly. Protect your customers, clients and employees’ important documents from perpetually warm coworkers everywhere by ordering our promotional paperweights as your next giveaway.

Paperweights are the eyes of the desk. They are timeless, beautiful, and heavy. But most importantly, printed promotional paperweights have a job to uphold; keeping your documents in place and looking good at the same time. Choose from our vast selection of paper weights to give away at your next marketing event – from elegant crystal and glass available in a variety of shapes and sizes such as pillars, pyramids, and globes to fit your advertising needs. Bring back an iota of sophistication by ordering printed paperweights to promote your business. These personalized items are merchandise that can class up the most common of places and will add a touch of grace to your branding efforts.