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Rulers are the often over-looked office essential that everyone needs. Logoed rulers are great giveaways for students in school as well as architects, designers and engineers. Blue Soda Promo has a wide selection of rulers that come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. Each item is custom printed with your company logo to help with your branding and are sold at wholesale prices to keep you on budget. So measure your success with promo rulers. Need help? Call, email or log into our live chat, we're here for you!

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We have scientifically calculated the exact usage methods of logoed rulers and they are as follows: 50% measuring stuff; 35% drawing straight lines; 10% to use as a sword or lightsaber, and 5% hitting your classmate, sibling, or coworker.

A promo ruler is the essential tool for every office, desk, cubicle, and classroom. Which is why imprinting your company name or logo on our promotional rulers makes the perfect choice for your next tradeshow giveaway, school fundraiser, or university outreach program. Your customers, clients and employees will be reminded of your business every time they reach for their ruler when drawing a straight line or when battling your coworker on who will win between the light and dark side.

Promo rulers are the very essence of what great promotional items should be: inexpensive, practical, and an unobtrusive way to market your company. Though casual in their make-up, rulers are corporate favorites. They are strong purveyors of marketing messages while conveniently blending into the daily lives of the people who use them. So grab a logoed ruler because you’ll need help measuring all the positive impact promotional rulers will have on your business!