• Jo G.


    A Noteworthy Boss

    Most recently caught hugging her enemies, Jo is probably the friendliest CEO out there and definitely one of the friendliest people around. That being said, she’s always ready to work, perhaps a bit more than most. Forget something that was said in a meeting? No problem; Jo took notes, and (lucky for you but unlucky for trees everywhere), she didn’t miss a thing.

  • Tej S.

    VP, E-Commerce

    The Delayed Response

    With an inbox so full it would stress anyone out, Tej will definitely respond to your email, but the time it takes him to do so is another story. You better catch him as he heads into one of his numerous meetings for the day, because if you don’t, you can expect a response in 3-4 business weeks.

  • Ethan C.

    Director of Sales

    Chicago Advocate

    The sales team leader with a Game of Thrones obsession can be caught on any given day holding a sign outside the city that says, “Greatest Place on Earth.” Just ask him what his plans are this weekend; he will undoubtedly tell you there’s some event at some location in Chicago and he can’t wait to attend.

  • Ashley A.

    Sr. Account Manager

    Queen of Sales

    The one member of Blue Soda Promo that you might have the hardest time finding, Ashley is unapologetically good at what she does and dares you to get on her level. If you’re her customer, you know you’re getting the best service possible. If you’re her competition, watch out; she takes no prisoners.

  • Dean S.

    Sr. Account Manager

    The Early Bird

    The man by which the whole team measures their work day, Dean gets into the office early and guilts everyone into staying after him. Ironically enough, his customer’s don’t get the same guilt-trip, as he would do just about anything to make sure they’re comfortable and happy with their experience.

  • John S.

    Sr. Account Manager

    The Target Novice

    Despite his directionally challenged, Target-finding abilities, John is quick when it comes to finding his customers the best deals on the best products. He’s quiet with a quick wit, and while he may fly under the radar a majority of the time, when he gets a haircut, everyone in the office will notice.

  • Anne G.

    Sr. Account Manager

    Resident Yogi

    With an active lifestyle that won’t quit, Anne is always ready to hit the gym, and don’t tell her she can’t. She’s constantly on the move, something that translates into her professional life as there’s always a new project on the dockett, and don’t expect her to slow down, she’s incapable of it.

  • Katelynn F.

    Sr. Account Manager

    The Knowledge Bank

    A BSP veteran with plenty of satisfied customers, Katelynn might be small in stature, but don’t underestimate her; she knows what she’s doing and she does it well. Best known for her no-nonsense attitude, Katelynn comes into work everyday with one goal: her job. So please, stop shooting nerf darts near her desk.

  • Jeff L.

    Sr. Account Manager

    The Texan

    So desperate to get away from his co-workers that he actually left the state, Jeff is holding down the fort in Texas and driving sales all the while. This Marine veteran has more knowledge than any one person could possibly need, and don’t you dare think you’ve done something that he hasn’t. Just don’t believe everything he says; his sarcasm is deadly.

  • Nicole V.

    Account Manager

    The Personal Anecdote

    Bit by the travel bug, when Nicole is out of the office, you can bet she’s somewhere new and exciting, making everyone in-house jealous. But don’t let that fool you: she works hard and ensures her customers are always taken care of. And for those of us in the office, we can always look forward to her stories upon her return, as she always has at least one.

  • Brittany F.

    Account Manager

    Farm Supporter

    Quiet with just the right amount of sass, Brittany is always up for a laugh but always takes her customers seriously. And when she isn’t in the office, you can catch her at the farm hanging out with all types of animals, so she hasn’t completely fallen victim to the city life just yet. That being said, she does know it’s called “bags” and not “corn hole,” so the transition has begun.

  • Gabby W.

    Account Manager

    Buzzfeed Addict

    A natural in the world of sales, Gabby works hard to ensure her customers are satisfied, going above and beyond the call of duty whenever she can. And when she isn’t killing it in customer service, you can find her filling her time with Buzzfeed quizzes or maxing out her credit card at Target. It’s called balance.

  • Will P.

    Account Manager

    Rain Man

    For the most part, Will keeps to himself. He’s a heads down, listen to music and get to work kind of guy. But, when the situation calls for it, without losing a beat, he’s got a one-liner that’s sure to crack up the whole team. Until then, he’ll continue starring in his own music video from the comfort of his desk (rain included).

  • Steven M.

    Account Manager

    Mr. Coffee

    Steven gets his energy in one of two ways: by drinking coffee or doing something active. He’ll go for a run, a bike ride or a swim; really, anything that keeps him active will do the trick. And he’s just as actively involved with his customers. If you think you might need something, Steven is already on it; you’re in capable, caffeine-filled hands.

  • Jessica V.

    Account Manager

    Office Quote Master

    The go-to person for a quote from The Office, Jessica has many interests including hockey, scary movies and dogs (she has three!), but her customers are her first priority. Very experienced in the art of customer service, Jessica treats her customers like friends. Her motto? In the words of Michael Scott: Make friends first and sales second. In no particular order.

  • Ricky B.

    Account Manager

    The Optimist

    The king of unapologetically nerding out, Ricky is optimistic in just about all that he does. If you need a daily dose of positive energy, he’s your guy. Need an order taken care of? Not a problem! Ricky will sit on hold as long as it takes to make sure it arrives on time. And, he’ll do it with a smile on his face. Talk about customer service!

  • Sean Boban

    Account Manager

    The Dog Father

    An animal lover that would put all others to shame, Sean is far more productive in sales than he would be as a Zoo Keeper (as much as he would love that). He is often referred to as the “dad” of the group, and for good reason; whether taking care of his dog, Comet, his friends or his customers, he can just as quickly get down to business as he can crack a killer dad joke.

  • Kaley Sullivan

    Account Manager

    The Stylish Chicagoan

    The first team member to work exclusively from our downtown office, Kaley’s customer service experience is head-to-toes flawless, which is no surprise given this stylist’s background. Least likely to join Sean in his Zoo Keeping endeavors, this Chicagoan would rather dance her way to the nearest restaurant for some mouth-watering chicken nuggets.

  • Tori R.

    Marketing Specialist

    Copy Machine

    No, she isn’t going to make you copies (and you wouldn’t want her to since she has trouble turning on computers half the time). Instead, Tori’s the go-to girl for all things writing, whether you need a lengthy blog post or a quippy line to make your product stand out. And no, the irony of being a technologically-challenged, online marketing employee is not lost on her.

  • Mike W.

    VP, Operations

    Speed Walker

    You don’t find Mike; Mike finds you. As the VP of Operations, Mike puts more steps on his pedometer in a day than anyone else in the office does in a year. He gives anyone at Jimmy John’s a run for their money based on his ability to get everything done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Mike also believes that One-Eyed Willy’s gold is still out there somewhere.

  • Liz W.


    Next Great Baker

    A human factoid on everything nerd, she is great for three things: random Youtube videos, an updated White Sox score and delicious treats. She aspires to be on the show “Chopped” but would settle for being a guest star on “The Real World.” When she isn’t crunching numbers, Liz can be found staring at David Bowie in Labyrinth.

  • Mario M.

    Warehouse Manager

    Mighty Mouse

    While Mario might come off as calm and relaxed, he’s tasked with the grueling responsibility of making sure the 5,000+ packages that ship daily from our facility make it to your front step on time and as promised. Mario has been with the company for over ten years and in his free time he enjoys playing soccer with his son.

  • Laura H.


    The Animal Lover

    A Graphic Designer by day, also an animal lover by day, Laura is sure to slip her dog (or yours) into a conversation whenever possible. It’s actually kind of amazing images of her dog don’t appear in company collateral, but she can show some restraint. And you better believe that no matter how ridiculous the art request, she’ll have it done faster than you can say "puppy."

  • Christine S.


    The Refiner

    If you could imagine what someone in an art department would look like, it’s Christine. Her personality is as bright as the decor at her favorite music festivals and her graphic design skills are second to none. Think you know what you want? You don’t; but don’t worry, Christine does and your project will come back elevated ten-fold because of it.

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