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1127 products

1127 products

Custom Printed Giveaways

Everyone loves free stuff. Create unique, eye-catching freebies for your next trade show, convention, or corporate event that will have attendees clamoring to know where their peers got one. Start some buzz, gather a crowd at your booth or table, put your company’s name on the lips of everyone in the room, with endless giveaway options from Blue Soda Promo. Not sure what to choose? Call us at 1-888-206-3047 or click on our live chat and one of our knowledgeable staff will help you narrow down the best product sure to get lips moving about your product or service.


What’s trending right now


  1. Calendars

    Get extra eyeballs on your logo all year round with any of our promotional calendars.

  2. Cowbells

    Get personalized items for your next barbecue or company picnic.

  3. Food Giveaways

    Say thank you in the most delicious way with corporate food giveaways.

  4. Foam Fingers

    Show your extra large team spirit with our selection of foam fingers and hands.

  5. Keychains

    Let your company be your customers trusty companion with printed keychains with your logo.

  6. Lanyards

    Custom lanyards are a tradeshow staple every attendee will have to look at.

  7. Magnets

    Think promotional magnets for your business because there is no better place for a reminder than the fridge.

  8. Silicone Bracelets

    Create awareness for your brand or cause with promotional silicone bracelets.

  9. Stress Balls

    Personalized stress balls come in every shape and size imaginable.

  10. Toys

    Bring out the childish side of your brand with promotional toys with your logo.

  11. Tradeshow Supplies

    Be prepared and look professional. Find anything for your next tradeshow booth here.

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