Custom Swag Boxes

The creative minds at Blue Soda Promo are your kit ideation experts, well versed in custom-made kits that are tailored to fit each client’s goals. We offer unmatched creative capabilities, end-to-end in-house services that keep costs low and second-to-none customer service to ensure every kit is as magical as you envisioned. Whether you come to us with a fully baked plan or have no idea where to start, don’t worry, our experts will help you every step of the way!

What is Request-A-Kit?

This is your opportunity to build a swag-tastic promotional product kit, made to your exacting specifications so that every recipient is blown away by the attention to detail, carefully curated selection of products, and customized aesthetic!

Examples of Promotional Product Kits


                   Technology                                                   Relaxation                                            College Orientation



                         Treats                                                            Travel                                                      Home Office



                                         Adventure/Outdoor                                                                   Education



Kits By Purpose

  • For HR: Employee swag kits are great for onboarding. Create a new hire kit and order all their day one supplies with the click of a button. Custom swag boxes are also an easy way to show employee appreciation
  • For Marketing: Impress your prospects and clients with some branded swag and spread brand awareness at the same time! At tradeshows, promotional product kits can make great raffle prizes or big ticket item giveaways. 
  • For Virtual Events: Connecting with your attendees virtually is absolutely essential, but extremely difficult without being in person. Interact with them more and provide memorable swag boxes for virtual events. 
  • For Sales: Meet your clients' ever-expanding requests and then some with gifting custom swag boxes. 
  • For the Holidays: Create custom branded swag packs and swag for holiday gifting for employees, clients, and partners. Christmas gift boxes for employees are the first thing that comes to mind, but why not celebrate the 4th of July, Easter, and even Halloween?! You can even celebrate awareness months, industry specific holidays, and more.


Benefits of Swag Boxes

Support Employee Retention 

Increase Customer Engagment 

Increase Brand Visbility 

Buy in Bulk for Savings


The Custom Swag Box Creation Process

  1. First, you will meet with a Blue Soda Promo representative and talk through exactly what you are looking for. We discuss ideas, budget, event details and more. Come with something or come with nothing, we are here to help. 
  2. Next, we work on sourcing your products. We will give you good, better, best options and always look to support minority owned business, USA made products and sustainable items if it is important to your brand.
  3. Then we look for approval - We will continue to refine your branded box until it is up to your standards and exactly what you were looking for. This includes not only the items inside but the packaging too!
  4. Shipping and delivery details are worked out and we get the finished product in your hand.


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More Request-a-Kit Examples


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